22 de Agosto del 2018


LatamLex Lawyers, in their commitment to continuous improvement, training and the exchange of knowledge amongst colleagues in the legal area, participated in the workshop: How to Face International Arbitrage?” in which one of the speakers was El Salvador Partner and Director of Litigation, Mauricio Hurtado. The workshop was organized by LatamLex Abogados, together with Sáenz & Associates Abogados, and the Peruvian firm Bullard Falla Ezcurra+.

This event was directed at professionals in the legal area and covered various subjects regarding international arbitrage, including theory and adequate case preparation, the correct development of opening and closing arguments, psychology and persuasion, as well as direct and cross examination.

The workshop took place the 15, 16, 20 y 21 of August 2018 in San Salvador. It was distributed in a series of specialized lectures lasting approximately 75 minutes each, and complete sessions dedicated to the practical aspects where participants simulated topics covered in the lectures. During the practical sessions, the tribunal was composed of panelists and partners of the organizing firms.

The participation of partner Mauricio Hurtado focused on providing the participants with the necessary tools to adequately prepare a case, advise, aspects that need to be considered, and methodology. Likewise, his second appearance at the workshop was focused on questioning and cross-examination, the differences with respect to direct interrogation and ways to develop cross-examination. Combining theory with experience and his long trajectory in legal practice.

The workshop concluded successfully according to the organizers. Mauricio Hurtado commented: “The event was very interesting, we greatly enjoyed the participation of all the colleagues who joined us”, and added: These events thrive on the experiences that we can share with each other.” Humberto Sáenz of the firm Saenz & Associates concluded: “We need more of these events. The fact that we are sharing knowledge and experience allows us to enrich the practice of arbitration.”.

LatamLex Abogados possess a strong litigation department with professionals who are highly qualified to attend to judicial and arbitration cases, as well as mediation and conciliation processes.