Our team provides integral consulting in the Criminal Law discipline according to the substantive norms and procedures established in each of the countries in which LatamLex Lawyers is present.

Our services in this area include, amongst others:

  • Accompaniment in the criminal process, in the condition of wronged, victim and defendant
  • Preparation of documents and litigious actions in a criminal and administrative offense locations. Moreover, in the protection of subjective rights at constitutional location.
  • Orientation and practical action phase of preliminary investigation in the criminal process.
  • Counsel and preparation of litigation documents for the execution of compensatory civil actions within the criminal process.
  • Counsel and intervention in each of the phases of the criminal process and in the criminal recourses after a sentence has been dictated.
  • Counsel, training, and audits within the frame of “Standards, Procedures, and Administrative and Criminal Requirements Compliance” for the prevention of the suppression of the charges of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.