In response to the new market requirements, Latamlex has entered into the practice of Law and Technology, which covers a wide series of subjects such as: intellectual property, data protection, cybersecurity, Fintech, artificial intelligence and automation, internet of things (IoT), technologies related to renewable energy, biotechnology, medical products, among others.


We know the difficulties involved in starting a technology project; Ignorance regarding intellectual property, market operation and regulation, access to financing or conflicts between founders, among many others, can overshadow an excellent idea and discourage founders from continuing to innovate. Therefore, our team will guide you step by step so that your idea is protected, developed and successfully launched in international markets.

Our advice covers the entire life cycle of a Startup, starting with the relationship between founding partners, protection and location of intellectual property, choice of tax domicile and type of corporate vehicle, tax and labor aspects related to the venture, servicing contracts , advisory and licenses, as well as regulatory and compliance aspects, among other matters.

We also represent the Startup in the financing rounds of both angel investors, venture capital and / or private equity. Once the company is ready for Exit, we will represent the interests of the shareholders either locally or internationally.